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What Makes Villajoyosa So Special?

Posted by La Vila Sol on 20/12/2022

The strengths of this beautiful town

Villajoyosa is a picturesque town, located on the Mediterranean coast, between Benidorm and El Campello. We see that every year more people choose to buy or spend their holidays in Villajoyosa. Some reasons why this town grows every year are: its quiet beach with crystalline waters, the Moors and Christians festivals, the colored houses, the port and its fish market, and the chocolate factories, including Chocolates Valor.

Festivities of the Moors and Christians

The Moors and Christians festivities have become a National Tourist Interest. Every year thousands of tourists visit Villajoyosa to enjoy the incredible parades, the characteristic sea landing of Villajoyosa and of course the festive atmosphere that exists in this town during this holiday. The Moors and Christians festivities are held every year from July 24 to 31.

Moors and Christians Festival

Colored houses of Villajoyosa

They say that the habit of painting the houses of Villajoyosa with colors arose among the fishermen as a need to identify their home from the sea. An explanation that makes sense in the case of homes on the first line. Surely for the rest of the houses it has simply been a matter of imitation. It is also said that the balconies served as a transmitter of news, since, depending on the color of the sheet or cloth they hung, they could tell from the sea if good or bad news awaited them.

Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain

Chocolate factories in Villajoyosa

In Villajoyosa there are several chocolate factories, specifically, today there are still three factories. The three factories that are still active and that can be visited are: Chocolates Valor, Clavileño and Chocolates Pérez.

The first chocolatier is recorded in the year 1810, he created the first factory in the town called “La Perfección”. The fishing routes and crossings with America facilitated the arrival of cocoa and other exotic products.

Chocolate Factory, Villajoyosa

Fishing Tradition

One of the obligatory visits is to know the Yacht Club through which one can walk. There is the well-known Lonja de Villajoyosa, where you can enjoy the auctions of a wide variety of freshly caught fish. The port of Villajoyosa is one of the fishing ports with the longest tradition in the Valencian Community.

Villajoyosa Fishing Market

Old Town

This Mediterranean town, apart from the beautiful colorful houses, has a very charming old town. One can tour the walled old town, see the ruins of its castle, the monumental Allon Public Baths and visit the Gothic-Renaissance Church of the Assumption.

Fortress Church of the Assumption (Iglesia Fortaleza de la Asunción)


This Alicante town has a lot of history, and thanks to this, it has multiple museums. Curious people can visit the Barbera dels Aragonés House Museum, the Vilamuseu, which houses an important archaeological, ethnographic and paleontological collection, and of course the Chocolate Museums, where guided tours are held.


Villajoyosa Beaches

Unlike its neighboring town, Benidorm, the beaches of Villajoyosa are much quieter and more familiar. The town has 15 kilometers of coastline, in which there are 13 beaches and coves with quality certificates, both for their clean waters and their services.

We see that every year tourism in Villajoyosa rises, among other things, thanks to its spacious beaches with crystalline waters. On the beaches one can simply relax, or do some of the water sports that are offered on the beach itself.

Villajoyosa beach and colored houses
Sandy beach, Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca


Villajoyosa’s microclimate is due to the fact that it is located just nine meters above sea level and is protected by the Sierra de Aitana and Puig Campana. This offers sun almost all year round and an average annual temperature above 18 degrees. In this Alicante town there is hardly any rain and frost is non-existent.

La Caleta Beach

After seeing everything that this town offers us, it is undoubtedly an ideal location to live permanently, have a vacation home, or simply spend your vacations. If you are looking for a home in Villajoyosa or surroundings you can contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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