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Vender mi vivienda. Hipoteca bancaria. Vivienda, escritura, llaves

How To Sell My Home If I Didn´t Finish Paying It?

I have not paid off the mortgage in its entirety, can I still sell my home? If you are wondering if you can sell your home despite not having paid off the mortgage, it may be due to economic necessity or because you would like to buy a home that better suits your needs and lifestyle. The answer is very simple, yes you can …

Buy a property on the Costa Blanca

Buying A Property On The Costa Blanca For Its Climate

The Costa Blanca is very well known among most people for its micro climate and stable warm temperatures throughout the year and its easy-going Costa Blanca lifestyle. This is why many people decide to buying a property on the Costa Blanca. Most of them move to the Costa Blanca because of its healthy climate, it has been shown that living in a place where …

Vacación property Costa Blanca, Villajoyosa

How To Find And Buy A Property From The Distance?

How to find and buy a property from the distance? Buying a property locally can be challenging, but buying a home in another country or another area, becomes definitely more complicated. Looking for the perfect home, from kilometers away, has its challenges but is not impossible. In fact, people succeed in finding their dream home by doing it the right way. We made a …

High Demand In Luxury Properties

How to describe a luxury property? Describing a luxury and modern home in only one word is not easy. But whatever the best description for these beautiful luxury homes is, one thing is for sure, the architecture is based on clean lines, open spaces and plenty of natural light. With such incredible features, you feel like you live in your own world. It is …

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